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Regardless of the origin of the problem, and of whether the clients consider it an "individual" or "family" issue, involving families in solutions can be extremely beneficial. Emphasis is more on solving existing problems than the identification of individual causes. One of the major goals is to improve individuals' communication with each other.


Home/School Observation: Having your children observed in their natural environment where they can feel comfortable and the whole family can be present..
Behavior Management: A behavioral program is developed after the initial consultation and observation with support provided during implementation.
Play Skills: Parents acquire needed skills to achieve positive communication while playing with their children.


Cognitive Behavioral & Acceptance Commitment Therapy for cultural issues and problems such as depression, anxiety disorders, relationships, obsessive compulsive disorder, personality traits, panic attacks and exam anxiety.

Therapy on Skype can be a viable alternative when there is a geographical necessity such as a client moving away or lack of other therapists in area. Seeing a therapist through a computer monitor in their bedroom may also be a good option for teenagers resistant to office visits. Several studies have shown patient satisfaction being similar for face-to-face interaction and online therapy.

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